1. We serve our clients with integrity, competence, and objectivity.
  2. We keep client information and records of client engagements confidential and will use proprietary client information only with the client's permission.
  3. We do not take advantage of confidential client information for our firm or ourselves.


  1. SWV will sign a confidentiality agreement once a contract is agreed and before work is started.
  2. A Director of SWV is not permitted to buy shares/options in the company he/she is working with throughout the contract without the agreement of the customer.
  3. We will only accept agreements for which we are qualified by our experience and competence.
  4. We will immediately acknowledge any influences on our objectivity to our clients and will offer to withdraw from an engagement when our objectivity or integrity may be impaired.


  1. We will agree our fees and expenses independently and in advance on the basis of the task and will charge fees and expenses that are reasonable, legitimate, and commensurate with the services we deliver and the responsibility we accept.
  2. We will disclose to our clients in advance any fees or commissions that we will receive for equipment, supplies or services, which we recommend to our clients.


  1. A customer can cancel a current project with one-month notice; only fees incurred to the date of termination will be invoiced.
  2. You will have one contact person always available including weekends.
  3. All SWV projects will have a shadow manager, who will be updated on a weekly basis, so the customer knows that in the event of illness or accident the work will continue.

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

Your email address, physical address and phone numbers will only be used to deal with the immediate project or enquiry. These details are kept securely. You have the right to be forgotten. Just email ‘forget me’ to