(Sao Paulo Optical Show)


Dates: May 24 (Wed.) ~ May 27 (Sat.)
Location: Transamerica Expo Center, Bairro Santo Amaro, Sao Paulo, Brazil


  • Approximately 70 exhibitors this year.
  • The event was reduced to two halls this year, from three halls last year.
  • The above reduction was primarily the result of the decisions of LUXOTTICA,DE RIGO and SAFILO to not exhibit this year.
  • The reduction resulted in the “feel” of a busier, more well-attended show overall, since the attendees were distributed among two halls instead of three.

  • The impression of the halls was dominated by GO (General Optical) and ESSILOR.

  • Floor traffic on 5/24 and 5/25 was reported as “good” and “busy” by event staff (like ushers) and exhibitors. We attended on 5/26, our impression was shared by our contacts that it was “kind of slow”. People did say that Friday was less busy than the previous two days.

  • Industry Magazine The View commented:

o They saw more franchises this year than previous years,lessdistributors.

o The reduction in traffic might be attributed to growth the Arjosul Fair, a competing show in the state of Rio Grande do Sul in September. It combines frames and sunglasses with jewelry and fashion, some see it as more on trend, more innovative.

  • We learned that national chain FOTOTICA was purchased by Grand Vision.

  • The sales manager of a frame company said the sales generated at the show would not come close to the investments required, however, it was positive to exhibit since many customers had doubts/questions about the future after the sale of their company. Being at the show allowed for good customer relations inthat light.

  • Traditional food service facilities were replaced by “food trucks”, a popular trendin Brazil now, reportedly following a trend in the USA.

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