Date: October 6 (Friday)– October 9 (Monday)

Location: Paris Expo - Parc des expositions de Paris Nord -Villepinte


This year was the 50th anniversary.  There were 957 exhibitors. 78% were from abroad, and 154 of them were exhibiting for the first time.

Last year, the number of visitor decreased compared to 2015. This year, SILMO registered a high increase of 10.5% to reach 37,337 visitors. 57.4% of them were foreigners and represented a growth of almost 13% in visitor numbers.

This growth in visitor numbers could be a combined effect of a quieter time in Paris in terms of terrorist attacks, no strikes in French transports and the 50th anniversary of SILMO. Maybe moving SILMO back a week made it more convenient for some people to attend.

The good figures confirm SWV’s impression that the corridors were full of visitors, mainly on Friday and Sunday.

SILMO is more than ever an ophthalmic frame and sunglasses show. Some major lens manufacturers like Hoya, Seiko or Shamir did not exhibit this year. Lens manufacturers were mainly Essilor Group companies, Chinese or Korean manufacturers. Essilor was awarded with a SILMO d’Or for its “Varilux X Series”.

Usually, the SILMO d’Or awards are given the first night of the show. This year, because of the anniversary, the SILMO d’Or party was on Saturday. Around 3,000 guests were present in the Grand Palais, in the centre of Paris, where the party took place.

All the major French optical chains and buying group were exhibiting at SILMO except GrandVision chains. During the show, Afflelou organised a night party and announced that they got the “Origine France Garantie” label for a part of their own acetate collection made in the Jura region of France.

Apart from the 50th Anniversary of SILMO, it was also the 100th anniversary of ICO, a French school of Optometry.

For the French market, the show started on Friday with the announcement of the merger of the main French optician syndicates into one: ROF (Réunion des Opticiens Français), from the 1st of January 2018. This should help French opticians to better organise themselves at a time when in France legislation regulating the optical sector is changing almost every year.

When entering the show, it was impossible to miss the Novacel booth, which was split in two, on one side Novacel and on the other side Leica. Leica, the prestigious camera brand and Novacel have signed a licence contract for Novacel to manufacture and commercialise the Leica brand.

This year, one zone was dedicated to start-up companies, (village start-up) and to digital store experience (Xperience store), which showed what can be done with digital equipment.

According to different exhibitors SWV discussed with, the show was a good show in terms of contact and possible businesses. Despite 2017 being a difficult year for equipment sales in France, the feedback from the equipment sector at the show was that they had been taking orders.

Silmo 2018: from Sept 28 to Oct 1st, 2018.


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