SILMO 2018 IMPRESSIONS October 2018

SILMO 2018 IMPRESSIONS by SWV Strategy with Vision, October 2018

SWV visited SILMO 2018 with two consultants. These are the impressions gained over the four days. It is not intended as a report covering all the 900+ exhibitors. In the mornings up to 11 a.m., the number of visitors was light. After 11a.m., more people were present on the stands and walking in the aisles. When asking exhibitors, they often said that SILMO was good for them because of the quality of the discussions they had.

Concerning the ophthalmic lens industry, SWV note that new actors exhibited this year like ADN Optis, a three-year-old independent French laboratory, located near Paris. This laboratory were showing their «La French Fab» label. They were also communicating their ecological production because they are using an ecologic way to block the lenses. In terms of lenses, while they are proposing standard Freeform lenses, they were more focused during SILMO on their range of special lenses with high powers and cylinders.

Verbal, another independent laboratory, which is going to produce Rx lenses in France, exhibited this year. Verbal is a quite well-known name in France of an Rx laboratory that closed a few years ago. Pacific Group, a frame company, bought the Verbal brand and the CPF patent. CPF is a specific way to produce medical filters to reinforce the contrast on lenses. CPF was a Corning patent sold to Verbal years ago. Verbal are proposing Evidens, a range of Rx lenses made in France, and Essentiel, a more economic range of lenses made in China. The production is planned to start just after SILMO.

Even though, Ophtalmic Compagnie were not exhibiting at SILMO, SWV know and can communicate that they will open a new laboratory to produce Rx lenses in France, probably by the end of 2018.

Among bigger lens manufacturers, Zeiss was sharing the stand of Sunlens, their affiliated company, a specialist of tinted lenses. Zeiss came back to SILMO and were competing for the SILMO d’Or Award with their UVProtect coating. The coating, that was introduced at OPTI in January this year, was awarded the SILMO d’Or Award. UVProtect is a UV filter that can block UV light up to 400 nanometres.

This year, two lens manufacturers were awarded a SILMO d’Or Award. The second one isBBGR Nikon for their Bluv Xpert, (BBGR), which is a UV and blue light blocker. The promise is to block 100% of UV 400 and 20% of the blue light between 415 and 455 nanometers. Theblocker is the result of research made with the “Institut de la Vision”. The blocker technology is included in the monomer itself. BBGR and Nikon also launched a high-end progressive design during the SILMO, Presio Master 2 (Nikon) and a coating Sea Coat Bright (Nikon). This design is able to optimise what Nikon call the “new near vision”. It is the distance that is really used to read on smartphones and tablets. According to them, where the standard reading distance is 40 cm, the reading distance for the “new near vision” is from 23 to 33 cm. The new design takes this into account to optimise the vision. The other optimisation that Presio Master 2 brings to wearers is the fact that with smartphones and tablets, readers are most of the time standing up, which changes the angle of vision. Sea Coat Bright is a coating to improve vision in low light. It helps to reinforce the colours, the contrast and the sharpness. SWV tested the lens and clearly saw an improvement, at least in contrast and sharpness. The Nikon brand name was much more evident on the stand of BBGR. The reason for putting in brackets the name BBGR or Nikon is to indicate under which name the product has been launched.

Essilor France launched the Crizal Sapphire coating and the Vision-R800 phoropter. Both products have been covered in the OPTI 2018 report.

SWV visited the stand of Novacel and got some information about their new releases:
➢ UV Clear, a UV blocker with a very little residual colour
➢ Blue Shock Clear, a Bluelight blocker with very little residual colour
➢ Novas 2, a 100% “Origine France Garantie” offers combining a range of “made in France”

optical frames and “made in France” Novacel lenses.

Younger Optics Europe launched Infinite Grey, a polarised/photochromic lens in 1.5 index and polycarbonate. The product goes from a light transmission of 40% in the clear state to 9% in the darkened state. It can be used for driving, as the polarised technology can read information on the dashboard, however, head-up display information projected onto the windscreen cannot be read.

In the area of equipment there is a trend to talk about new products to a selected number of clients or to show the product in a separate room. This was also the case at SILMO 2018.

The stands of companies supplying software for designs of ophthalmic lenses were well visited.IOT, part of the Younger Optics Group, and Horizons Optical, a Spanish Group, were exhibiting. Satisloh, Schneider and OptoTech were all exhibiting with smaller stands than those at MIDO. It suggests that these companies see potential to meet Rx laboratories and chains, which manufacture their own lenses at SILMO.

Horizon Optical have developed filters to:
➢ Block part of the blue light at 440-460 nm the wave length of LED lighting➢ Block 60% of infrared light at 780 nm.

Horizons Optical sell the formulas for the coatings and offer technical support for installation. The presentation of the 8th edition of Optical Monitor was an event well worth attending for persons interested in ophthalmic frames and sunglasses. The study was of 6,000 persons across five countries (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK). The survey was carried out in July 2018. The aim of the study was to generate knowledge. The results were based on the subjective evaluation of the persons interviewed. Topics covered in the presentation were preferences for materials of frames, shapes of frames and the touch point for the consumer (where does the consumer first come into contact with the product and where does he/she eventually buy). This was followed by a study on segmentation of customers for sunglasses.

SWV also visited two contact lens manufacturers:
Menicon, which did not have a stand for more than 10 years, were present this year for the lunch of their new spherical one-day contact lens in silicone hydrogel, Miru 1-day UpSide. The principle is to make sure the wearer will pick the lens every morning in the correct way and without touching the internal face of the lens, in order to prevent any infection that could happen.


Menicon were also present at the SILMO because earlier this year, they opened their modern new head office for Europe near to the exhibition ground of SILMO. They organised during the four days of the fair visits to their new office with their customers.
Medios, a Korean manufacturer, which were presenting their contact lens, including a blue light filter, and were communicating on a photochromic contact lens. It was possible to see the contact lens with the blue light blocker, but the photochromic contact lens was not visible during the show.




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