Visit Review of: MAFO, MIDO and OPTRAFAIR

SWV recently visited the:

  • 2017 Manufacturers Forum Conference in Milan (MAFO)
  • MIDO 2017 optical show in Milan, Italy
  • Optrafair 2017 optical show in Birmingham, UK.


The key memories taken away from these three events were:

  • Some very good research based presentations on the issue of blue light at the MAFO conference.
  •  A very successful MIDO show with visitor numbers up on last year. This opinion of SWV was formed not only by looking at the official numbers but also by meeting with owners of medium sized Italian lens companies.
  • At MIDO there seemed to be a trend for some ophthalmic frame companies to move in a direction of offering the frame and the lens as a complete package. This is done in the case of Silhouette by building and now operating their own Rx laboratory with digital surfacing.
  • At Optrafair, the show was much better attended on Sunday than on Saturday. On Monday, there were a surprising number of visitors up to 14:00.
  • A series of very good lectures were given at Optrafair, several of them qualifying for CET points from the General Optical Council.
  • A most interesting presentation given by Doug Perkins and the Professional Services Manager of Specsavers on the issue of the National Health and how locally based Optometrists could work together with Ophthalmologists to help reduce waiting times.


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